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​We specialize in providing brands with human-centric strategies that lead to better business outcomes. Our agency stands out as the industry leader in delivering insights that are both emotionally nuanced and quickly actionable.


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Our AI-powered platform that illuminates the digital landscape, extracting valuable human insights for our clients. Our platform enables our agency teams to assist brands in achieving accurate analysis, conversion rates, and ROI by mining digital data.


SurveyNeuro aids in identifying the correct audience, including the most influential individuals and organizations related to the brand, for targeted content and communication strategies. It also provides current insights on the emotional hooks, topics, themes, and content that the audience is actively discussing, revealing what truly moves and resonates with them.


As part of our Human Understanding Lab, SurveyNeuro allows brands to tap into emotional context, delivering rapid insights to support quick decision-making and responsiveness to market opportunities. Our AI-powered platform reduces the need for teams to manually research, gather, combine, and analyze digital inputs, providing insights efficiently back to brands, giving them a competitive edge.


With several exciting developments in progress, SurveyNeuro's ecosystem offers clients the following capabilities.



Introducing NeuroLab's framework for human decision-making. We use our proprietary framework to gain an understanding of the genuine drivers of human behavior for brands or products. Our framework allows us to go beyond surface-level analysis, exploring decision-making beneath the level of conscious thought and navigating the intricate webs of memories, emotions, and motivations that shape our actions.


Our framework encompasses Emotion, Motivation and Cognitive Load which are the crucial factors we capture to influence human decision-making. We utilize this framework to explain current behaviors and why audiences behave in a certain way. We assist brands in bridging the gap towards achieving their objectives, such as sales, loyalty, interaction, or perception.

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