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Unleashing the Power of Consumer Insights

Our team blends neuroscience, behavioral science, qualitative research and data science to uncover the truth behind human decision-making, shaping strategies that drive long-term behavioral change.


Our agency can help you:


  • Understand consumer behavior and decision-making processes

  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies

  • Optimize your marketing messages to better resonate with your target audience

Our Services


We help our clients stay ahead of the innovation curve and increase their chances of launching a winning product. With fewer than 20% of new products succeeding each year, it's more important than ever to use tech-enabled consumer behavior insights to gain a competitive edge.

Our team uses advanced market research techniques to help our clients determine whether their product:

• Stands out in a competitive environment

• Drives brand and category impact

• Attracts competitors' users or their own (source of volume, cannibalization)

By using our insights, our clients can make informed decisions about their product strategy and increase their chances of success.

  • Concept /Claim Screen

  • Concept Optimization

  • Concept Validation

  • Claim Testing

  • Pack Testing

Ad & Comms

We understand that creative evaluation isn't easy. As humans, we lack accurate insight into our own thought processes, biases, and decisions. While pre and post-tests may focus on recall, we take a different approach at Emolyze.

Our team combines neuroscience with traditional research techniques to analyze communications and discover deeper insights. By leveraging neuroscience, we can tap into a deeper level of understanding that people can't articulate, providing greater predictive value and insight into communications effectiveness. This enables our clients to make more informed decisions about their creative work and ultimately drive better results.

  • TVC

  • Social Media

  • Out-of-home Media

  • E-commerce

  • Any other format of creatives

Shopper Insight

Understanding the complex set of experiences, needs, and motivations that drive shoppers is crucial to creating meaningful connections and building brand loyalty. At Emolyze, we use a variety of research techniques to get to the heart of what shoppers truly need and want, across all channels.

As shoppers ourselves, we know that one small aspect of the shopping experience can change our impression and behavior towards a brand. Once a perception is formed, it can be challenging to reverse or transform. That's why we take a holistic approach to understanding shopper needs, using our expertise in neuroscience, behavioral science, and data science to provide our clients with actionable insights that drive long-term behavioral change and build lasting relationships with their customers.

  • Path to purchase

  • In-store experience

  • Shelf display and analysis

  • Virtual Shelf testing

UX and Usability Testing

We believe that user experience (UX) testing should go beyond just website analytics, A/B testing, and isolated usability assessments. Instead, we take a holistic approach to UX by putting humans at the center of our methodology. We understand that users bring complex emotional states and habits developed from using other platforms to every interaction they have with your brand.

By taking a broader view of the user experience, we can identify contextual factors that influence user behavior and align their interactions with your brand values. With this approach, we can help you create user experiences that not only meet functional requirements but also connect with your audience on a deeper level and nudge them towards your desired actions.

  • In-depth understanding

  • Digital journey mapping

  • Design and usability

We believe in a blended approach.

We specialize in using a range of research skills, along with science and behavioral heuristics, to truly understand people and their actions and attitudes. By delivering human understanding, we help brands shift behavior, launch winning products and campaigns, communicate effectively, and engage with people. When a brand truly understands its audience, its customers are more likely to engage and recommend.

Our team of insight experts at Emolyze, bring a wealth of experience in various research methodologies to help brands truly understand their customers.

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