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Once you understand human nature, you begin to understand why people do the things they do.

Our inspiration is borne of bringing creativity, data and technology together.

We use market research and data analysis techniques to understand how humans think, how we feel and, most importantly, why. Blending neuroscience, behavioural science and data science, we uncover the truth behind our human experiences for brands and businesses.

Human Understanding Lab

We identify unconscious emotional reactions; we help to understand what they mean from a marketing perspective and we provide guidance on how to emphasise strengths and correct weaknesses.

Behavioural Insights

Behavioural science has identified hundreds of cognitive biases that our brains use every day to make quick decisions. Understanding the cognitive biases at play helps us unearth the real factors, both conscious and subconscious, behind your customers’ decisions

Strategy & Consulting

Whether you want to generate more leads, increase conversions or enhance customer retention, our approach guides you step-by-step to a well-defined customer engagement strategy.

Data-Driven Creativity

We specialise in creating experiences built on data, enabled by technology and driven by creativity – with the goal of delivering personalisation across all customer touchpoints

What we do

We drive business results through innovation, creativity and technology, by identifying your challenges and providing meaningful insights to meet your business objectives.

It's all about creating the optimum customer experience. Every single journey, every decision, every customer is unique! To create such a customer-centric experience requires a one-to-one approach, a good shot of creativity and the right technical and strategic knowledge, resources and skills. That is why we are more than happy to help our clients with creating a personalised customer journey for their customers, in which individual user needs are at the forefront.

Are You Ready to Growth Your Business?


The Human Understanding Lab diagnoses the root cause of strategic challenges across the customer lifecycle.

Why are our sales flat when spend is up? Are customers ghosting us? Why are our ads missing the mark?

We use our unique combination of implicit emotional understanding and data modelling truths to tell you what your consumers can’t.

The Lab provides actionable solutions which translate into better sales, precision planning, stronger cut-through creative, higher adoption, more completed journeys, better advocacy, to name a few. Find new ways to connect the humans behind every brand and unlock fresh opportunity.

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